Boston Rohan

Boston Rohan

Self taught developer currently working at Elevation Church. I love to code, listen to music, and watch anime.


a few projects I've worked on that haven't been scrapped yet

gen z writes

An Inspirational database to create the next generation of literary changemakers.


site stats cli

CLI Tool to get information about your website including metadata, lighthouse scores and sitemaps.




spotify discord bot




a few thoughts I've had over the years

Learning React Select

Being a new web developer is hard. Having to come up with your own projects, working day and night to learn new technologies, the process can become stressful. Personally, I am thankful to have positive influences in the space that I can rely on for advice. Nevertheless, we are all learning, and many of us are in different stages of that process. Though I am still in the beginning process of my learning, I hope to offer some insight that is helpful. Anyways, onto React Select!

November 29, 2021

5min read